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We can no longer remain silent.

Join Terry Allen, John Alexander, Marcia Ball, Rick Bass, Karen Bernstein, Sarah Bird, William Broyles, Jr., Gary Cartwright, Sandra Cisneros, Joe Ely, Jimmie Dale Gilmore, Nanci Griffith, Butch Hancock, Deborah Hay, Larry L. King, David Lindsey, Richard Linklater, Lloyd Maines, Dan Rizzie, Jan Reid, Bud Shrake, James Surls, Marion Winik, and others in the Texas arts community to speak out, with a single united voice, against the abuses of the Bush administration.

Our intent is to raise $140,000 to purchase a full-page ad in the New York Times and to cover the administrative costs associated with this fund-raising campaign (PO Box, bank account, fee applications for status, etc.).

Please read the ad statement, and if you agree with its content and want to participate, print and complete the contribution form and mail it with your check to the appropriate address by October 1.

The name of each member of the Texas arts community and friends making a contribution to this cause will be listed alphabetically in the New York Times ad, which we hope will run in early October, 2004. There is no mandatory minimum contribution. Anyone contributing will have his or her name placed along with the others below the statement. However, we are suggesting a contribution of $150.00. The full page is expensive! We urge everyone to give as much as you can to help defray the costs of this important effort.

This is a grassroots campaign organized and funded by individuals. Help us spread the word. Please contact friends and colleagues and encourage them to join us.

Please tell your friends about this site and encourage them to participate.


Join us in speaking out against the Bush administration!